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Marc brings a huge deal of warmth, humour and quality to our work.

Working with Marc has been an ongoing collaboration, creatively fulfilling and a genuinely uplifting experience.

It is a testament to Marc that we went into our initial session with three different character ideas in mind, trying to find a single character, and we left with three characters, all of whom - several years later - our community are thrilled to see (hear) return in their second full release.

Members of our audio team never fail to tell me how much they enjoy editing our sessions. He is, to the community as well as the studio, a beloved piece of Two Point furniture; quality quantity personified.

Harry Puttock, Two Point Studios
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There's no such thing as the perfect voice, right?

Yes, it is right, because Marc has thousands of perfect voices - and as the Primary Station VO for FM104 in Dublin, he has created a character that have evolved over the years.

Not only is he synonymous with our brand here in Ireland, but 'Dubs' around the world have been known to be blown away by Marc if he mentions FM104, and says a line in character!

He doesn't stop until perfection is reached during our voice recording sessions, and always gives 100%.

This attention to detail is second-to-none, and helps keeps 'Dublin's Hit Music Station - FM104' as the market leader.

Lar Wright, FM104
Wales Comic Con LogoQuotation Marks

Back in 2008 I hosted my first ever event. With just over 100 people through the door, it was a heck of an experience.

One of the guests that weekend was Marc Silk; a legend in voice acting.

Any event in the world would be lucky to have Marc as a guest at their event so for me, it's a privilege each and every time!

Jaime Milner, Wales Comic Con
Marc Silk with a fanQuotation Marks

Benjamin was absolutely over the moon to meet Marc Silk; he made Benjamin super happy, he burst into tears and didn't know what to say!

I personally can't thank Marc enough. He performed Benjamin's favourite voices and he was the whole reason Benjamin wanted to go!

Great Yarmouth Comic Con
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It's good to be bad; it's better to be evil.

Had a real blast working with @TriumphStudios, @MarcSilk and @TheAudioGuys working on these titles. Probably the most fun I've had working on any game project!

Rhianna Pratchett, Video Game Writer